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Please use this form TODAY to urge your members of Congress to co-sponsor legislation that would regulate CBD! 


It’s as simple as entering your email address and zip code, then personalizing the messages prepared below. Together, we can ensure the future of the hemp and CBD industries while protecting consumers of our valuable products.

Contact your members of Congress

We've made it easy! Take just a moment of your time to personalize the pre-prepared message, enter your information and hit send. If your Congress members have already cosponsored this legislation, then thanks them for supporting the hemp industry.

*Be sure to customize the message to your U.S. Representative (H.R. 6143 and H.R. 841) AND Senators (S. 1698). Note there is one form for H.R. 841 and S. 1698, and another form for H.R. 6134. Please fill out both forms to support all three bills!

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